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Sermon Series Archive


It seems our lives can often get filled with busyness and hectic schedules. We can even fill our lives with good things but maybe they aren't the best things. Make Room takes a look at a few priorities everyone should make room for in their lives. Click here to check out our Make Room sermon series.

No one is immune to doubt. The doubt we experience can come when life doesn't meet our expectations or from fatigue following our greatest success. Doubt can leave us feeling alone, depressed and hopeless. God pierces the darkness so that we can move out of the shadow and into the light. Click here to check out our Shadow of Doubt sermon series.

Life can be filled with a lot of ups and downs. The good news is, that because Jesus was raised from the dead, we win! Through Christ, we have the power to be victorious in this life and the next. Click here to check out our We Win sermon series.

The Art of Neighboring

Jesus commands us to love our neighbor. But what does it look like to love our neighbor? How can we love our neighbor? What stands in our way? This series helps us refine the art of neighboring.